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Soft & Warm

Soft & Warm

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Wrap yourself in softness with our hats!!

Available in 3 beautiful colors that are perfect for creating handmade hats and other winter accessories.

Ultra-soft texture, which is a result of careful processing and attention to detail during production. Acrylic and wool that provides excellent warmth and comfort.

Order your Nassby Vini handmade hats today and experience the luxury of handmade quality for yourself!


100% Cotton

4 layer Muslin

It has natural ingredients that allow your body to breathe.

It is in soft tissue that can take your body form over time.

Shipping & Returns


270 cm x 170 cm

Care Instructions

It does not require ironing after washing thanks to its fixed crepe look.

In order to avoid shrinkage problems, the product is presented to you by washing.

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