Discover the Story of Nassby

My name is Naz and I am the founder of Nassby, a company that specializes in home textiles and accessories. I am a graduate in visual design and image processing, and I have over 5 years of experience in the industry.

My company, Nassby, was first established in Poland, and later on moved to the Netherlands. I run the company alongside my sister, and together, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly business. Our mission is to provide opportunities for stay-at-home mothers and to create products that are both simple and high-quality.

We offer a wide range of products including hats, bedding, baby items and seasonal products such as summer and winter collections. Our products are mostly hand-made, which gives them a unique and personal touch. Our main product lines include bedding sets, bedspreads, and baby accessories.

Our products are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, and we take great care in ensuring that they are made with the highest quality materials. We believe that it is possible to create beautiful and functional products that are also sustainable, and this is reflected in our commitment to using eco-friendly materials and practices.

We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, and we welcome feedback from our customers. Thank you for considering Nassby for your home textiles and accessories needs