Pazen Collection

Pazen fabric is a versatile material that has been used for centuries... 

  • Ask Your Self Before Buying

    We all love fashion, but we provide it in a sustainable way without harming any living thing in nature. support us and ask yourself some questions before buying

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  • Sustainable Welded

    As a brand, we preferred to use cotton in our collections. It means that cotton will dissolve much faster than synthetic fabric in the nature.
    Always choose natural products for your skin and nature.

  • Renovate a Wardrobe Without Throwing Anything?

    If you want to change the clothes in your closet, you can renew your wardrobe without having to throw away any of the clothes or accessories you haven't worn for a while!

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Nassby is a sustainable fashion brand that has adopted the mentality of long-term and multi-purpose use.